MontBlanc Meisterstück Pocket 5cc with zip

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In a compact size it offers 5 slots for credit cards and a long zipped pocket, making it a smart daily companion. It features shades of blue for the credit card slots, representing a classic yet trendy accessory.

Case Colour Cowhide
Leather Full-grain cowhide with Montblanc deep shine, chrome-tanned, dyed-through
Colour Navy
Lining Jacquard lining with Montblanc brand name

Dimensions 80 5 130 mm
Emblem Emblems are manually centered, one by one, by our artisans. The emblem is centrally positioned, but the manual pressure operation with the machine may shift the emblem itself. This is a characteristic that does not compromise the aesthetic of the product and could not be accepted as complaint according to our policy.




MontBlanc Meisterstück Pocket 5cc with zip

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